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Name: Tamara ‘Meezer’ Gale
ID: RedCoatCat
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About Meezer:
I’m a west coast Canadian that was fascinated with history especially 18th century history in North America. Ended up in historical reenactment of the American War of Independence so I could learn more about the material culture(since reenactors are obsessed with that).

About Loyalty & Liberty
I started this project 8 or so years ago when I had the ‘brilliant’ idea of showing Canadian history in comics since I was currently taking sequential classes in art school.
I focused on the Loyalists struggles in Boston something I had never seen presented in many mediums let alone comics. Then more I researched more I wanted to show other aspects of 18th century life, conflicts, politics, ect
I don’t see this projects for the average comic reader, it’s not an adventure but a slice of life drama that happens to be set in The American War of Independence.
Why cats? For this project it was amusing and in all the test issues people 15 and up responded well to it.
Over all I do see this project of mine as a learning process a historical comic, a comic with anthropomorphic characters, a comic presenting historical facts and dispelling myths.

Editor/ Historical Adviser.
Name: Shane Clarke
ID: LtClarke75
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About Shane:
Born of a military family, Shane has had an interest in American military history from a young age. Growing up near Washington DC and Massachusetts, he was surrounded by history and museums. Initially interested in the Civil War, he found colonial history more fascinating as he grew older. Currently working at a museum and living in Concord, Massachusetts has allowed him to remain enveloped by history!
Additional but important help:
Editing: DIreland
Web design and complex things (including beating ComicPress into submission): Gavin O. Daemonshyai