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Loyalty & Liberty is an educational graphic novel about the American War of Independence.
Instead of being one set cast, it is a set of rotating short stories all interconnected in some way or another.
It does contain artistic violence (not gore, we have no intentions of showing horrors of war, but showing historical events) and mild language.

We hope to use this comic online to gain interest in history, as well as dispel myths around history such as ‘the redcoats wore red to hide blood’
We see this as a ‘gate way project’, that a reader may gain a spark of interest in a more realistic story and facts and hopefully investigate more on their own. We also hope to amuse the history buffs already reading it (you know the types that sneer at movies for incorrect uniforms and drill manual being wrong!)
Most comics are not geared towards history but adventure, which is why this is closer to a slice of life comic that just happens to be set in and around events that pertain to the American War of Independence.

We try to maintain a weekly update schedule on Thursday.

We don’t take it as seriously as some may think we do.
Cats are a fun amusing way of depicting the cast of an otherwise average looking (haven’t bathed in months) cast of young men and women.
We do use regional correct breeds and species to represent origins of birth and the growing differences between the colonies and Europe.


-What is the purpose to this comic?
First and foremost it is to get people interested in history in ways they can identify with it. Which is why this is more of a social drama or slice of life story. Just because it is the past, and deals with the military, it does NOT make it an adventure!

-What is the target audience exactly?
Our comic is PG13, so we don’t recommend it for those under the age of 13!

- Why cats?
It’s an amusing way of telling a story, as well as the benefit of readers to clearly identify characters apart, and its just fun!
Many readers have stated they would have no interest in history but have gained interest due to the cats.

-Are all the cats’ domestic breeds in this?
No some are smaller wild species to represent origins of birth such as Africa, North America, etc.

- Is this historically accurate?
We aim for accuracy rather than adventure/drama, so a lot of research has gone into this project.
Though, when dealing with history, you’re always in a state of improvement. There can and will be mistakes, but we are very open to being corrected and will do our best to attempt to rectify any mistakes that may appear.

- Is this a comic from the perspective of the English?
No, many characters are Welsh, Irish, Scottish, American, etc.

- Will this comic show the American perspective?
If you mean Whig or Patriot, then yes, it will but, Loyalists are American as well. Let alone how many people were undecided or switched sides throughout the war,and not just Benedict Arnold!

- Wow, these characters talk too much!
I take it you don’t read much historical fiction? It’s called ‘flowery speech’. People were in no rush to finish their sentences in the 18th century. I recommend reading more journals from the time period. It’s something that can make or break historical work.

- Do some of the staff work in museums?

- The creator isn’t very patriotic is she?
That’s presuming she is American isn’t it? Besides, patriotism is relevant to which country the person calls home!

-How is this comic created?
11X17 comic board, pencils, scanner, abode photoshop & illustrator.

-Whoa, a style change in Issue 2!
This is my pet project, so I’m open to changing it and changing its direction (aside from butchering history). I decided I didn’t quite like how all the characters were portrayed visually, so I redesigned them.
I will be reworking issue 01 of the Powder Alarm to follow these changes while I continue to work forward, I will not hold off updating NEW pages to remake old ones!

-Can you recommend me some books to read?
That list would be massive! All I have to say is, read about it from ALL perspectives! You cannot understand a war when you only read from one side. Also, read from European political view points. It was a war in America, but it affected a lot more than the 13 colonies!
PS. Wiki should not be trusted nor should ever be a source!