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The Powder Alarm cast
Middle-Upper Class cast

Edward MinatureCaptain Edward Alfred Marble
DOB: August 02 1747
Birth place: England

Description: Edward is a tall, lean man standing 6’2” weighing 170pnd, so he’s skinny but not underfed!
He is based on an Oriental Shorthair grey marble tabby.

Edward is from the gentry and the son of a lord, though he inherits no title being the 5th son. His family is known for their strong, ambitious and opinionated men. Edward is the black sheep of the family and has little to no contact with them since his mother passed; he refers to his family as a ‘household of strangers’.
He is moody so therefore his expressions can go from bashful to prideful in the blink of an eye. He also is prone to depressive fits, so brooding and sulking is quite appropriate.

Reggie Minature Lieutenant Reginald Alun Llwyd
DOB: July 7th 1749
Birth Place: Wales

Known as Reggie to his friends, he is a tall, broad man, standing at 6’2 nearing 220pnds. He is well suited to his role as a Grenadier officer.
He is based on a Silver tipped Oriental shorthair.
Reggie is confident and self-assured, so often his expressions reflect this.
Every action, speech and emotion he displays is well planned out; he is rarely caught off guard and always comes out on top!

Reggie was born to a middle class Welsh merchant family, through marriage and money his family attempts to rise in society to which Reggie has been raised with ambitious goals ingrained into him like many young gentlemen of the time.

Reggie is fluent in Welsh often curses in it and when around other Welshmen will speak it.

Anna Minature Anna Benning
DOB: December 10 1757
Place of Birth: Massachusetts Bay Colony
Anna has a thin build, stands about 5’5 and she is almost considered too thin for 18th century ladies standards.
She is based on a Tortoiseshell & White Mainecoon.
Anna is a young awkward young girl attempting to fit into society, so often she is moody and has a wide range of expressions.

Anna has lived a sheltered life and is a bit immature for her age. She is consistently feuding with her father
Benjamin Benning and the two are known to have loud verbal fights. She has a close companion that is a maid in her father’s house, which is close to her age and is the closest person she has to a friend outside her family.