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I apologize for the last two weeks.
This page was intended to be up last Thursday, but I fell ill so I was unable to be near my computer.
I’m putting LL on a sporadic schedule due to the fact that I have a lot going on in both my personal and professional life. I just don’t have the time I need to dedicate to keeping this on a weekly schedule.
I’m going to continue when I can to add to the queue and update when I can.
I know the webcomic world is all about regular updates and that hiatus are seen as blasphemy, but my pages don’t take me 2 hours like most creators. They take me roughly around 2 days or more! Thats the problem of painting a page and pretty much doing all the art yourself, with no help.
(No, unlike many rumours, I do all the art myself with no help!)

I will complete this scene with the next two pages, I hate leaving scenes unfinished as much as readers don’t like it. I’ll still update the site and the sections; again this is my project so I don’t plan on abandoning it.its just sometimes you don’t have all the time you’d like.
Again, the last two weeks were not intended. I had the pages finished, but Thursday flew by me and this week I have been very ill


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  1. Garrus

    Ah its understandable, we all have life outside the internet and you do work hard to get such detailed images up so quickly! :)

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